Monday, December 15, 2014

Blue Fire (Toraun Part 14)

In the long history of man there have been many travelers. Some of them traveled no more than a few feet while others have traveled light-years and still others have traveled in time. Musaafir had only recently started to travel. His mother had given him the computer as a gift and told him that his father before him had used it. His father passed away several years before and so when he received the computer he quickly learned to use the ancient device. Once he learned what it could do he had quickly moved it out of his home and up to his cabin. The cabin did not compare in the least to his own home in the city, but he never had visitors drop by expectantly either. To those who asked why he left the city so frequently, he told that he found solace in the mountains.
Now, while he lay on the ground in Toraun, in a window sill he figured that his mountain cabin would be the perfect place for these two young women to stay. Besides, who wouldn’t want to help them out, especially since they had just saved his life? So, at this very moment Musaafir’s life changed forever. Some might say for the good and others would say for the worse. I’ll let you decide for yourself.
Alex chewed on her lip for a moment while she stared at the object in Sarina’s hand. The steam hound had a heart that ran off magic and as long as the magic continued to flow the heart would continue to beat. “Alex, you need to try and put magic into it or it’s going to go out,” Sarina said sternly. Alex looked at the bloody heart and nearly lost her stomach. Sarina wouldn’t have anything of the sort happen at this time and held the heart even closer. “You will do this or the entire town will be destroyed.”
The heart stunk. Seriously, it smelt bad and Alex had a right to lose her stomach over it. In fact I’m about to lose my own stomach as I write this, but since she had to be strong, I’ll be strong as well. And quite frankly so should you. Alex stood up and wiped her mouth and said slowly, “I’ll try.” She put the tips of her fingers on the heart and jerked back quick as it beat. She even yelped a little. Sarina glared at her. Alex shrugged then reached back to the heart and placed her fingers on the heart again. She closed her eyes and breathed in deep and almost choked on the stench. She shook her head and tried again. This time she turned her head from the heart and breathed in again then out. The magic in her had been unique to her and only a few others.
The origin of magic came from an unknown source or origin for that matter. It had come to Alex when she had only been a little child. The magic manifested in people in different ways. For her it had come in the form of blue fire. Now, as she held that heart in the tips of her fingers a funny thing happened.

See magic tends to react in odd ways depending on what’s happening at that moment and of course on how the writer wants the story to go. And at this particular moment both of those things happened, simultaneously. Yes, you might call fowl or something like that, but let’s face the facts I’m the writer and I’ll write it however I like. Wait, hold on that came out really bad. What I meant to say is that I will make sure that as I write the story I will follow the rules and hold true to the magic as I create it and yadda, yadda, yadda. Truthfully, though magic does act strangely and at this moment a very odd thing happened. You see, just at the very moment that Alex pushed her magic from her own being into the heart of the steam hound the heart died. When the heart died it released its magic and because Alex’s own magic had already started to enter the heart the channel between her and the heart opened. Kind of like a straw. Yeah that’s it just like a straw. Only this straw didn’t have milk or pop or some other kind of liquid running through it, it had magic running through it. Alex jerked back as the magic entered into her soul and fell to the ground unconscious.


  1. So now she's uber magical?! I'm jealous!!

  2. I wish I was magic. Why do you keep ending it when it's exciting:)

    1. I agree it would be fun but a lot of responsibility ;)

  3. Sabrina DragonstoneDecember 18, 2014 at 6:23 AM

    Where's the next part? These used to be daily... Now they're farther apart. I love them!!

  4. Magic in the form of blue fire? Very cool!

  5. I really enjoy this story! You are really great at the cliff-hangers

  6. Why did you stop writing? I really enjoyed this story!!

  7. We really need more of this story!!! It's amazing!


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