Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Window (Toraun Part 10)

Let’s see where were we? Oh Yeah, Alex is getting chewed a new one by her sister, while Musaafir is. Wait a second, where did he get off to. Oh yeah that’s right. Now, you wouldn’t have known this since I’m just barely telling you, but Musaafir didn’t just sit there as Alex went for the door. You see, as Alex reached for the door Musaafir took this opportunity to jet through the only opening he could find, which happened to lead into a small dining room. After he realized that he could only escape through a small window. He jumped clear through it, glass and all. Now you might ask yourself. How smart is Musaafir? I mean how long does it take to open a window anyway? Well the answer to question number one is a question in turn. How long would you stop and think about opening the window when you could just dive straight through it. After all, I just got through scaring you to death two days in a row between the howling steam hound and the pounding on the door? You have plenty of time to think about how stupid it would be to jump through a window. That’s all right take your time. You have all the time in the world as you sit in your comfy chair and eat who knows what, while you read this amazing story.
Speaking of which, how many friends have you referred to this amazing story? I sure haven’t seen any new likes or follows. You see this writing stuff really is hard, and it takes quite a bit out of a person. My fingers are raw, (not really) I cry myself to sleep over the lack of follows (only sometimes) and my brain hurts real bad (well tonight it does anyway, because of the massive headache). But I keep writing. Trying to lure you to my blog so that you’ll notice over on the right hand side the real reason….
Hold on just one cotton pickin minute here. I write because I enjoy it. I want others to feel good and get a good laugh out of this amazing, wonderful story. I could care less if they took the time to write comments, email their friends about it, or buy my books that are only $2.99 on right now. That’s right only $2.99 is all it takes to have countless hours of enjoyment. One simple….
Wait, wait, wait this is not a commercial. Let’s just get back to Musaafir, Alex, her sister and of course the steam hound. By the way the answer to question two really does depend upon several factors such as: how is it closed, is it painted shut, is it too heavy to lift, is it being held down by anything (I don’t know maybe an elephant or something. Don’t ask obnoxious questions) etc…etc…etc….

Anyway Musaafir dove through the window at the exact moment that Alex’s sister started to accuse Alex of bringing down the entire destruction of their people. The loud crash of course stopped her and she quickly pulled the shotgun from her back. Alex, didn’t miss a beat either as she focused on the inner energy within her. Within seconds, no nano seconds, a small ice ball formed in the palm of her hand. Musaafir on the other hand, immediately realized his mistake as he lay bleeding on the hard, cold ground. How did he think it would end? Seriously! I’ll tell you how. You see Musaafir had seen plenty of movies where people dove through windows and were just fine afterward. So, he figured that he would be just fine as well. The problem with his thinking is he forgot one very important thing. Movies are much different than real life.


  1. Movies are much different than real life! That's for sure!!

  2. Getting new followers is always hard. I know this from personal experience, haha!

    And LOL, the world would certainly be an interesting place if it were more like the movies...


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