Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Tear (Toraun Part 13)

“Listen to me,” Sarina said. “We need to act quickly.” She shook Alex. “Are you listening to me?” By this time the realization of what they had done sunk in and Alex zoned. She just stood there and stared threw her sister at the steam hand. Its leg twitched. Alex lifted her hand the fire returned, but before she could release the fire, Sarina knocked her hand down. “Alex, we can get out of this. I promise you.” The tension left Sarina’s body and she relaxed. “We can do this.”
“Help,” Musaafir moaned.
Alex looked back at him her face went from white to red almost instantly. “This is your fault.” She stomped toward him. “You did this and now we’re all dead.” Musaafir could only look up at her as he lifted his hand up in front of his face. When she stepped inches from his face she leaned down low. Even though she whispered, the force of her words hit hard. Like a tornado. “You have doomed me, my sister and all of our people. Because of your carelessness you’ve destroyed an entire people.”
The trembles that ran up and down Musaafir’s body stopped. Now, Musaafir had gone on adventures before. He would walk through the lands and occasionally meet new people, but he had never done anything more than talk to them. He thought of himself as a good person and really tried to do his best to help those around him. He never wanted to harm others. Especially those he visited. Now, the realization of the damage that he may have caused distracted him from the pain. Thoughts of his past adventures flashed through his mind and he realized how careless he had been. He moaned again, but this time he moaned not for himself, but for all the people he may have hurt. “I’m sorry,” he said softly.
“What? You’re sorry. That doesn’t cut it. You need to fix this,” Alex whispered. Her whisper changed and grew even softer, but it cut even deeper. Musaafir’s heart broke completely as a tear dropped out of Alex’s eye and end its journey on his cheek. He couldn’t stop the tears that came to his own eyes.
Sometimes, even in comedies a message needs to be taught. Hopefully, we can all learn from Musaafir’s lack of thought for how his actions affect those around him. Now, of course I would like to add caution to this. We can also put way to much thought into our actions, but we must take responsibility for those actions. Thankfully, there are always consequences for actions. Those that bring greater happiness and those that bring greater sadness.
Sarina put her hand softly on Alex’s shoulder and said gently, “It’ll be okay. We can still protect our people.” She held out her hand in front of Alex’s face. “As long as we hold onto this and keep it alive. He’ll continue to search for us.”

Musaafir’s face brightened and he said, “You can come with me. He’ll never be able to find us where I’m from.” His face screwed up when he realized he didn’t know who the he was.


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