Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Death and Life (Toraun Part 12)

Toraunians pride themselves on their loyalty to their society and find that above all else community comes first. This is why, at this moment, Alex’s and Sarina’s faces drained of all color as they stared at the almost dead steam hound. They had just about killed one of Toranis’ hounds.
Toranis loved to tinker with metal, steam and a little bit of magic. He made some of the most amazing creations, but of all of them his favorite creations were those patterned after animals. He generally did not allow them near the Toraunians, because he did not want to cause too much trouble. However, on occasion he did let them loose on those who dared to leave his tiny flock. You see Toranis really isn’t that powerful of a God. In fact other Gods didn’t even recognize him as a God, because of his small following. This is why he came to Toraun in the first place. To establish a following. He has one small problem though, he cares more about his steam/metal/magic creations than he does of his followers. This of course is a problem when the way to recognition of Godhood is qualified by the number of your followers. So, Toranis continues to be rejected from the other Gods, uninvited to the Godly parties and balls, and completely left off all the other Gods birthday lists. Birthday lists? Yes you heard me right. The birthday of a God is the great day that they get added to the Birthday list and are recognized as a God. Goal: To be added to that birthday list. Problem: Enjoys playing with his creations more than gathering his followers.
This leads us back to a very important point. Toranis cares a lot more about his steam hound than he does little old Alex and her sister and even less about Musaafir. Here the two sisters stood dumbfounded that they had killed his creation. Well not killed but mostly killed. You see it still whimpered and whined as its gears whirred and its water and oil leaked all over the ground. “Maybe we can fix it,” Alex said. Sarina just gave her one of those, you’re an idiot looks, then looked at Musaafir still trapped in the window. This did help her mood a little. Alex, on the other hand,  threw her hands in the air and stomped back and forth as she muttered to herself, “Why did he have to knock on my door?” That really is a fair question to ask in her case and could use some explaining. But, not at this time.
Instead, let’s talk about an amazing opportunity everyone has at this moment. Yes, at this very moment. That is, if you are reading this on December 10th – 11th of 2014. Book one in my amazing, awesome, wonderful, spectacular trilogy is available on for free. Yes you heard me right folks. It’s free for the next couple of days and will give you hours of enjoyment and pleasure. You will be swept off your feet into a magical world.
“Not as magical as my adventure,” Musaafir interjects.
Hush Musaafir. I’m the writer and of course it’s more magical and exciting than your adventure. Otherwise, I’d be making money off your story and not the story of Tom.
“Tom. Tom, that’s all I hear about and of course that whiney Aithnea. I mean seriously the whole story doesn’t make sense. Have you ever seen those short films called How it should have ended?” Mussafir asks.
Stop, stop. You know I can completely destroy you. The next seen could go something like this; Alex in her wrath shoots a fireball at Musaafir frying him nicely. Musaafir grumbles and leaves the scene. Okay where was I? Never mind. I’m completely off kilter due to the interruption, so just go pick up book one of the Order of The Rose trilogy, Forsaken Petal, for free by clicking on this link. Yes the orange word that says link.
Let’s get back to the story so Musaafir doesn’t feel too bad. I guess I should feel sorry for him considering he is lying on the ground in a window right now.
Thankfully as long as energy continues to flow through the steam hound its life beacon stays on, but once that dies all bets are off. Sarina stepped in front of Alex and puts both hands on her shoulder. “You might be onto something.”

NOTE: I did notice an error on the last post and have corrected it. Please, keep in mind that I slave all day at a school and then come home to write for a few hours. Wait a minute I don’t need to explain I’m the writer not you you’re just the reader. On the other hand hopefully you will be buying my book so I better be nice. I’m so sorry for any errors I really try hard, but occasionally will miss a few. Wait, wait, wait. If there are errors then you are mistaken not me. Remember I’m the writer not you.


  1. Better get that god's birthday recognized or there'll be trouble! And everyone should get your book. It's fantastic! :)

  2. Your story makes me laugh so much! I love this so much.

  3. I didn't know the characters talked to the reader :)

  4. Everyone should read Order of the Rose Forsaken Petal! It's amazing!!:)

  5. I like how you added the part with Musaafir talking to you. I also like how you make your story really funny it's great!

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  7. Actually it's orange not blue word for the word link in this blog.
    I removed and re-added the comment to add check mark the Notify me.


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