Monday, December 8, 2014

Silver Moon (Toraun Part 11)

Blood drizzled down Musaafir’s cheek and dribbled onto the ground below. He moaned. You know, one of those moans that tells everyone how hurt you are and that you really don’t care if you ever move again. That kind of moan, Musaafir only reserved for the most painful of times. He wouldn’t just let a moan like that escape his mouth for any little reason. Well, actually as you are starting to get to know Mussaafir you can probably guess that he moans more than the average guy. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt this time. I mean really, did you just dive through a window? No, I didn’t think so. So here’s Musaafir lying on the cold, hard ground outside a window, while Alex and her sister are wondering at the noise. Alex rushed to the kitchen where Mussafir had a fight with the window. Her sister, on the other hand, ran to the outside of the house and peered around the corner. Alex’s sister just stared at the hapless Mussafir as he laid on the ground. He moaned a second time and she did the unthinkable. She burst out in laughter. Not the little spiff of a laughter. You know the one that embarrasses you because it sounds like snort. No, not one of those laughs. One of those laughs could have been mistaken for something else and saved Mussafir a world of embarrassment. No, this laugh made her fall to the ground and roll back and forth in uncontrollable laughter. Alex on the other hand, gave one of those spiff laughs and thankfully, as you will find out sometime down the road, Musaafir didn’t hear her laugh, at this, his time of unbearable pain.
Now, before you get all upset at the sisters laughing at Mussafir in his time of pain, you need to understand he looked pretty funny. In fact, as I write this I can’t help but smile at the predicament that Mussafir got himself into. Here he is in an unknown land with a steam hound howling in the night and he jumps out the window and traps himself. You see this window had some crossbeams that ran across it and divided the window into four parts. Mussafir broke the middle vertical board. This allowed for his right arm and head to go through the window so that when his chest squeezed through the frame it squeezed back and popped out of the house. This stopped his momentum, which left his head and forearm resting on the ground while his bottom half hung inside the house. This sight would have left both sisters on the ground laughing if it hadn’t been for the howl.
This scene may make you laugh, but there is a great treat for those who take the time to go visit the blog of our most recent follower, Heather Holden. Heather takes the time to draw comics. They are a great amount of fun to read and I highly encourage you to visit her site. Of course you shouldn’t visit until you’ve invited at least ten different individuals to this fabulous blog, but then head over there. Just kidding. I mean that would be really rude to require you to invite ten more people to visit my site by name before going and enjoying her site. Anyway, here’s the link check it out and follow!

The howl came closer and Alex shouted, “Sarina. Hurry.” The blue flame reappeared in the palm of her hand and Sarina jumped to her feet with the shotgun in hand. Sarina swung around and fired just as the hound lunged at her. The shotgun blast sounded off the house and echoed through the valley. The steam hound reacted just as quick and in midair changed angle to avoid the pepper of steel balls that raged toward it. Sarina swiveled and fired again. Mussafir answered the bang with a moan of his own. Steam hissed from a torn hose on the steam hound. Sarina screamed out as hot liquid sprayed her legs. She jumped back and at the same time whipped out a pair of pistols. Bang. Bang. The shots rang out as fire flashed from the barrels. Seconds later a ball of blue fire streamed past Sarina. It exploded into the ground a second after the steam hound jumped and landed in a heap. The howl now a whimper as its metal surface reflected the silver moonlight.


  1. You always stop at the most exciting parts!! Hurry up with the next post please!

  2. Thanks for the comments. I stop so you'll keep coming back for more :)

  3. Wow, thanks so much for the shout-out! Wasn't expecting that when popping over here today... :)

    And whoa, that last paragraph is so intense!

    1. I really enjoy your blog so wanted others to know about it!! Thanks for the visit!

  4. Great story! I really love it!!


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