Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Order of The Rose: White Petal

So after many years of dreaming and hoping and oh yeah a little work. I'm excited to announce the final chapter of the Order of The Rose trilogy. It has been a long journey with a lot of support and help and some disappointments. I'm hoping that all you out there in digital land will take a minute or two (literally it shouldn't take more than that) to share the exciting new. It's up for pre-order on Amazon and you'll be the first to read it. So you have nine days to read book one and two before book 3 is available on the 30th. 

So here's the deal for all those who have not yet purchased book 1. If you show proof of purchase of the pre-order of book 3 I'll give you book 1 for free!! Yes you read that right book 1 is free and all you have to do is purchase the pre-order of book 3. Have an amazing day and press the link below and buy now!!! Yes now. No more reading, just push the link and buy it now. Seriously. Go ahead, bye bye now. Press the link it won't hurt I promise I mean what would you normally do with $2.99 anyways? Okay have fun reading I'm going to watch a show... I mean read a book...

If you don't trust me and still haven't clicked the link an excerpt is below, but if I was you I wouldn't even bother, because you're going to buy it anyway and then you'll have to find your spot and that could just be annoying.

Order of The Rose: White Petal excerpt.

Chapter 1:
The wheel spun out of Tom's hands as the blast knocked him violently to the ground. He reached to the side of his head. Blood trailed down the side of his face. He tried to wipe it away but only succeeded in smearing it over his cheek. He looked at his blood stained hand. How did they find us? They had reached the place of power the night before. The week of travel from the volcano had been fraught with one attack after another. The world spun as he looked away from his hand and up at the once white mast now stained black. Jagged tears ran down the length of it and the sheet gaped in the wind.
Another blast shook the ship, bringing Tom back to the battle that raged all around him. He glanced down the stairs of the poop deck just as a blast of flame and smoke shot from the barrel of Vick's rifle. The rifle kicked back and then lowered back belching another stream of fire and smoke from its metal mouth. A second later a scream answered the belch. Tom scrambled to his feet and grabbed the wheel, once again pulling the huge ship broadside to the incoming blimp. Now Saul who manned the large, cannon like gun on the starboard side had a clear shot.
Saul had explained to Tom at one point that the gun worked like a cannon but could shoot much faster without needing to be reloaded in between shots. Saul pulled the trigger. A barrage of huge balls surged toward the blimp. The balls tore huge holes in the balloon and side of the cabin and it started a long descent to the ground. Regrettably, several of its onboard planes had already launched and now circled the companion’s airship.
Tom hardly felt the tug from his energy reserves as Aithnea pulled from him. She used the energy to mix with her own energy in order to cause devastating results with her magic. Aithnea, like others of the Sisterhood, relied on a male counterpart in order to manifest the energy that swelled within them. Tom looked toward Aithnea just as a red dragon sprouted from her outstretched hand. He watched the beast wing toward the biplane that flew in its path. The dragon burst into flames as it engulfed the biplane. The pilot screamed as the inferno enveloped him and he struggled to free himself from the plane only to fall to his death far below. Slowly Tom’s eyes returned to Aithnea. Sweat dripped from her brow, and his heart ached, knowing that she must be at the end of her own reserves.

Just then another biplane swooped under the belly of the ship, narrowly evading the pounding from Saul's gun as it hammered out another barrage of cannon shells. The plane banked to the right coming up on the rear of the ship and unleashed its own barrage of smaller shot onto the deck where Tom stood. Several of the bullets exploded into the console smashing several of the blinking lights. Another pierced Tom's left shoulder before he could raise a shield to block the rest of the bullets. The plane then roared over the top of them with white plumes of steam trailing after it.


  1. Oh, how exciting! Congrats! Wishing you the best of luck with this release... :)

  2. I love your sense of humor!!


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