Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last day to get your entries in and to sign up for the drawing!!

This is the last day to get your entries in and to enter into the drawing. Go here to read the rules and to comment so I know that you want to win. I have really enjoyed this past week of wonderful stories and comments. In fact the last month has been amazing. All of the comments and new friends that I have met has been delightful, getting to know old friends better, extraordinaire.  I can’t thank you enough for your support and kind words. I truly wish I could give all of you a $15 gift certificate but since I can’t, this will have to do (Maybe when I get published and make it big ;)

As a writer, one of the hardest questions I get is, “what is your book about?” I’m supposed to be able to give a one sentence response to this, especially in the query letter. So, for the last day, I’m asking you, “What is your blog about?” In your comment below write a one sentence blurb of why we should visit your blog. Go ahead, advertise yourself and make yourself shine.

Here’s mine:
In the blog “How to Diagnose Your Character” you’ll learn how to use psychology to truly understand your characters and make them come alive in your readers’ mind. 


  1. I wrote a poem about a family member,


  2. nice to have that statement to drive your content...that way you are not all over the a mission statement for an organization

  3. My blog at EA Younker? Hmm. Read weekly flash stories, book reviews, writing tips, and excerpts from my oh-so-exciting life.

  4. Daily dodo... hmmm....

    A lucky-dip grab bag of random musings from a random girl who hopes to occassionnally make you giggle.

    Chick Lit Love - Everything to suit that chick lit loving loon!

    Harder than I thought! Daily Dodo is so completely random... goodness knows what you'll find there!

  5. idk what im doing, but happy mothers day


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