Thursday, May 5, 2011

Defense Mechanisms Part 2:

Today we will start with the pathological defense mechanisms. Remember that these are extremes and do not generally happen. There is also the possibility that they happen in extreme circumstances under extreme duress.

Delusional projection: These are beliefs that are not true but the person believes in no matter what. They are held despite evidence against them, absolute conviction that they are true. Mac users come to mind J (All you Mac users know what I’m talking about)

Denial: The refusal to believe in external reality because of the extreme threat it poses to the person. Believing that something inevitable will not happen, I will never die.

Distortion: Reshaping of external stimuli to fit into own internal needs. These are irrational thoughts that a person may have about those things happening around them. My critique group doesn’t know what they are talking about. My story is wonderful. I’m sure I’ll get first place.

Splitting: Splitting is when we see things as being black or white. They think on the extreme, powerful or defenseless. We don’t see the continuum. We see people as good or evil we do not see them as a whole.

Here’s the challenge. Write a 50 word story or poem or something using one of these defense mechanisms and post below. You will receive two entries into the drawing for your stories and one for a comment. I will post mine tonight! And all you so called "non-writers" do it anyways it will be fun and a great mental exercise. Who knows you may even get hooked.


  1. I never thought you could be so cruel
    When I recieved that text from you.
    I thought you were a son in a million,
    With a love so true.
    You broke my heart in a million pieces,
    Me, your mum with an unconditional love,
    You father would be so unhappy
    As he looks down from Heaven above.

    Yvonne Lewis:

  2. Hmmm...ok Josh, just because you asked...

    Nothing can stop me, no, nothing indeed,
    I am perfect, invinciable, in complete health.
    Some might call me the super hero they need,
    For my life is a fountain of perfect wealth.
    What? Jump from that plane without any gear? You challenge me so,
    I am not afraid, of course I can, here I go!
    Falling, flying, free,
    See, there is nothing that can stop me!
    Nothing can stop me, no nothing indeed
    I am perfect, invinciable, and in comple-...SPLAT!

    Whitney :)

  3. Poetry isn't my strong point but I thought I would give it a try. This was a very unique assignment and really made me think. Thanks.

    If you're not with me you're against me,
    You think you can bend the rules
    You are so wrong why can't you see
    That when you go against the right
    You're as black as black can be.
    I won't accept your excuses
    If you're not white you're a nonentity.

  4. here it goes..

    i smoked a joint, went on defense,
    saw animals in the room, chained them to the fense, no middle ground! u r all fake!
    there is no middle i said for goddamn fucks sake

  5. Wow…I’m supposed to be on break from school. Haha

    This is a Delusional projection:

    I am constantly bombarded with images of perfection.
    I continually reach for exactness, never touching it.
    I will never be beautiful, flawless and graceful.
    I strive to accomplish, I fail every day.
    I am completely worthless.
    I will never measure up.

  6. I can do it – I’m built for this. I do it in my dreams, and can hardly keep my feet on the ground. See that cliff over there? - I'm going to prove it to you…right now... I can fly. Glide. Just you watch! I do it all the time.

    No, I'm not in denial - yes I am a Mac user :)

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  8. I loved this it was so much fun. Thanks everyone for participating.

  9. Here is mine like I promised. Can you figure it out?
    “That guy is so in to me,” Twyla said as she curled her brown hair. “Do you see, he keeps staring at me?”
    “Who are you talking about?” Susan said searching the crowd.
    “Oh my gosh, he just smiled at me. Did you see that?”
    “Who Johnny Depp? I don’t think so.”

  10. "I wrote that song you know."
    "The Lady GaGa one?"
    "Well the lyrics aren't mine but the melody is."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Of course I am."
    "It must be a coincidence, and anyway, how would she have got it from you?"
    "Like everyone else, she stole it."


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