Friday, May 6, 2011

Defense Mechanisms part 3:

Today we will be looking at half of the immature defense mechanisms. Remember to see this in adolescents is normal but in adults not so much.

Acting out is the expression of the unconscious without the conscious knowing the emotion that drives the behavior. Remember in kids we see this because it gets the kid what he/she wants. It can be attention to the ice cream cone. In an adult it is a different story all together.

Fantasy is when a person retreats into a fantasy world to deal with problems. We see kids act out their fantasies all the time and as writers we are doing this as well. The problem is when we live in the fantasy worlds we have created and no longer deal with real life.

Idealization is when we see others as being more than they really are. We see the other person’s qualities and see none of their faults. Relationships come to mind on this one. Think of those people that stay in a relationship even when their parents and loved ones are screaming no. Another good example is the superstars we idolize.

Passive aggression is an interesting one because the person looks sweet and kind to your face but expresses aggression in ways that can not necessarily be pin pointed, for example procrastination. It is caused because the person fears to confront or stand up for oneself and so the only way to express their frustration is by passive means.

Okay, I really enjoyed the stories and since this is my blog I get to do what I wantJ Now if you would rather link to your own blog I will read them there. So today you get to write flash fiction using one of the above defense mechanisms. The length and everything else is up to you. Remember if you post on your blog just put a link in the comment so I and others can check it out. This one is worth 2 entries as well. Have fun can’t wait to read them.


  1. Fantasy is all very well in some curcumstances as long as it don't take over reality.
    We can all dream but we have to know when to "Wake Up"

  2. I recently watched a movie that kind of has all of this rolled up into one. By golly you could definitely tell that the character has some serious problems in this regard, especially in regard to the fantasy mechanism. It's called "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not."

    As for the story. I should have something written and posted later today.

  3. Aha! Now I have a better definition of passive-aggressive; I had been wondering about it.

    Great post!

  4. Making Happiness

    Hudson heard the garage door open and glanced at the clock. Nine-thirty. The door to the garage opened.

    "Hello, honey," he said moving towards Jennifer. She had her phone to her ear and held up a hand.

    "Yes. Of course. I'll be there in half an hour."

    Hudson glanced at the table where two place settings remained. Their two children had eaten dinner when it had finished cooking and had been in bed for the last twenty minutes. He moved to the fridge and pulled out the containers, setting them on the table.

    "Bye, Babe." The phone clicked closed. "What are you doing?"

    "I thought you might like some dinner?"

    "It smells like crap." She said turning away. "Besides, I meeting up with Heather and the others at that new seafood restaurant across town."

    "You always were the better cook." He said putting it away and cleaning up the place settings.

    Jennifer moved to their bedroom and her closet.
    "Gads, I hate it when I don't have anything to wear."

    "You look nice in the red dress," Hudson offered from the doorway.

    "I guess it will have to do. You do remember I'm going shopping this weekend with the girls."

    "Yes, the kids and I are going swimming."

    "Sounds awful, but maybe I'll join you; I do need to work on my tan."

    Hudson watched Jennifer getting dressed, his hands in his pockets.

    "I'll be home late tonight."

    "Right. Do you have your keys?"

    She breezed past him.

    "Of course."

    The garage door opened a minute later and he listened to her drive away. Hudson went back out to the living room.

    "I'll have to try something with fish tomorrow night. She likes fish, and swimming. Lots of things make her happy. This gets easier every day. I should get her another necklace. She would like something new I'll bet."

  5. ugh i can not stand passive grates me...ok i will think on the story and pop back over in a bit...been out all day and just playing catch up...

  6. Interesting! Sadly, I still come across many adults that use these immature mechanisms. 0.o

  7. THanks for the comments they make my day :) Those who shared stories I loved them.

  8. How was your day?

    Oh it was good, busy, could hardly get any thing done...

    nice to see you took out the trash...

    oh yeah i forgot about that...

    not like you ever do that...

    um, what are you trying to say?

    nothing really, just figured if you really loved me you would take care of the things i asked you to do...

    hey, i do love love you...

    are you sure?


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