Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Defense Mechanisms Part 9:

Okay we are at the end of the defense mechanisms so if anyone has something that they would like to hear about next let me know, otherwise I’ll just pick something else. I have had a lot of fun looking at these defense mechanisms and incorporating them in my new book that I have started and in the editing process of my older books. I hope that you have found them useful.

Introjection is when a person identifies with an idea or object that it becomes part of them. This can be as simple as picking up sayings that a friend is saying. It would be interesting to write this into a book in a way that the reader could see what was happening to the particular character.

Sublimation is when a person changes negative emotions or instincts into positive ones, “Making lemonade out of lemons.” This is seen in a lot of the books we write and read. It is what makes our characters the heroes of the story.

Thought suppression is where a person delays a need or feeling because it would take away from a current situation. A person who just finds out that their mother is in the hospital but is taking a very important exam suppresses the urge to think about his mother and instead concentrates on the test. This is a very good thing to learn to do because it also deals with suppressing urges that anger brings on as well. This does not mean the person does not deal with the emotion they just wait for an appropriate time and place to deal with it.

So what defense mechanism have you used recently in constructing your characters? Which one will you be using soon?


  1. well i think many of these we subconciously take many times have we started acting like or speaking like another without even thinking about it...or tried to make the best of a bad situ....

  2. Great stuff Josh! I'm afraid to analyze my charaters. They might need to talk with Dr. Phil lol. Without knowing the term I used sublimation in a current project.

  3. I really enjoyed all of the posts. I have a character who is going through somatization and another character who uses humor. I am glad you went through all of these because it will really help me flush out my characters.

  4. I am very defensive about this series ending.

  5. Thought suppression is what I do...although I think sometimes I take it to the extreme and never pull the issues back to the surface...just push it back till later and later never comes. Great information!

  6. Sarcasm is a great way to let off a little steam, in real life and in fiction.

    Great series you've got here, Josh!

  7. What a great refresher course! I need to get back to creative writing.

  8. I might make a character try to pass on catch phrases to those around him, but they're so bad they don't catch on.
    Great work :)

    Lime? Did you say Liiiiime? (no takers for that very catchy phrase? no?)

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