Monday, May 16, 2011

Defense Mechanisms Part 8:

Sorry about missing Saturday I really don’t know what happened. Well back to defense mechanisms. But before we get there I have started my summer classes and I am taking a neuro Psych class, all about the brain. It is absolutely amazing how complex and wonderful our brains are. So anyways, back to defense mechanisms. I saved the best for last, the mature defense mechanisms. Hopefully we use these most of the time.

Altruism is when a person serves others and it brings pleasure and personal satisfaction. It is amazing how much better I feel after serving others. By serving we forget about our own problems and focus on others. It really is a great way to feel better.

Anticipation is when we plan realistically for future discomforts. This is different than pessimism because we are making plans to overcome difficulties rather than just worrying and expecting the worst. The key is in the attitude of planning.

Humor is finding the funny side of things that are too difficult to talk about directly. It is talking overtly about things in a way that give pleasure to others. It is using witticism to make an uncomfortable situation light and easy to talk about.

Identification is where we become like another person. This can be both good and bad. If we become like our hero and emulate the good things about that person then it is good, but if we become so enmeshed with the person that we forget who we are then there is a problem. It is important that our kids identify with us (well if we are good people that is) so that they learn correct ways of behaving in society.

So here are some positive defense mechanisms that we should be using with our characters as we put them in imminent danger. How can you use these with your characters? Use a fifty word flash fiction to do this. 


  1. steam pours out the sterilizer as it finishes the dishes, sweat dampening his collar, he prepares the next load, when he feels the shadow fall upon him from behind.

    "Yo suit, whachu think you doin?"

    momentarily stiffening, he turns to face the large, disheveled man.

    "Washing dishes."

    "No, why you do it?"

    He smiles, "Because."

  2. It's nice to hear that there are some good defense mechanaisms that are normal, I use these too, so makes not feel completely messed up! :) I will have to have a good think on the flash fiction, and get back to you on it! :)

  3. Ohhhh....I don't do assignments after hours, but I think Brian did a great job. Your new class sounds fascinating!

  4. Wonderful post, my brain is very complex I have epilepsy......not that it spoils my life.
    I have been wrpped up in my own problems this past two issues and family problems but I suddenly saw the light I'm still alive and what others think of me in the family is their problem not mine I know I can hold my head up high knowing I have done my best for him and should he want be in the future he knows where I am.

  5. Sorry I missed reading this yesterday. It is nice to know that there are pleasant defense mechanisms. More often then not we dwell on the psychotic ones. I like the idea of writing characters who know how to cope with situations.

    "It looks like rain." Steve said.
    "We have a roof," I reply.
    "It's suppose to flood the river."
    "We can make sandbags."
    "And if the power goes out?"
    "72-hour kit."
    "You're prepared for everything."
    "Stop dwelling, it's your turn to play."

  6. It is nice to hear the positive mechanisms. Thanks for sharing!


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