Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Defense Mechanisms Part 5:

Today we will be moving on to the neurotic defense mechanisms.

Displacement is a defense mechanism that shifts the anger we have for someone or something to another thing or person. The best example is dad goes into work gets yelled at by boss comes home and yells at wife who in turn yells at kid who then kicks the dog. They are all turning their anger from something bigger than them to something smaller.

Dissociation is when a person moves away from something (emotionally or physically) that is causing great amounts of stress/discomfort. The person does this to avoid emotional distress. A loved one dies and the person changes to a happy go lucky person to avoid the pain of the death.

Hypochondriasis is the excessive preoccupation about having a serious illness. This sometimes is seen as an attention getter for the person. They go to the doctor and get attention or from family and friends. The trick with these people is that the illness and symptoms must be ruled out first. About 3%of the people who visit a primary care facility suffer from hypochondria.

Okay now if you find grammatical errors it is because my wife has not gone over this previously she is currently recovering from surgery but is doing just fine.  We spent about 6 hours yesterday in the ER trying to figure out what was causing her abdominal pain. It turns out she had appendicitis. So today I am sorry for not replying to your posts and visiting your blogs but I will catch up I promise J Once again everything is fine and the surgery went well. And no it isn’t because she is a hypochondriac J Have a great day everyone.


  1. a great dissociation...this mom of two boys...we were sitting there talking like we were at a tea party, "oh how are your kids", while her two boys literally beat the crap out of each really was rather freaky as we were in a very small living room and it was as if she did not even notice what was going on around her...

  2. These issues you raised are very true, I can only hope more people read this as acting in these ways can ruin their lives.
    I hope your wife makes a speedy recovery.
    Take care.

  3. I am delighted to hear the cause of your wife's pain was discovered and dealt with in a timely fashion. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  4. Oh i hope your wife turns out ok!!!

  5. I just read a book with dissociation--Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck. The main character, Kelsey, tries not to get attached to people after her parents died in a car crash.

    I hope your wife has a quick recovery!

  6. In the book, Hunger games, The mom definitely had dissociation. Poor Katniss...

  7. I always thought it was scary being around people with these extremes of issues-one of those things or situations you really hope people get counseling or something to help them before they do something crazy! Glad April is home and you found out in time to get it taken care of well! Now pamper her like crazy :)

  8. I've finally got my butt over to your blog. A great post, especially since I'm in the throes of flushing out characters of multiple writing projects. I'm a glutton for punishment!

  9. Wow, sorry about your wife...hope she feels better!
    Thanks for posting this info. It is very nice to see the characters in my book are apparently unstable:)

  10. Hope your wife is on the mend!! Sometimes I find it more stressful to be anxious about a loved one, than to be suffering myself!


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