Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summing Up Saturday Part 4

Welcome to all my new followers hope you find this blog informative and helpful in your quest to make the perfect character and to better understand your self. Don’t forget to sign up for the 100 Followers Celebration. Remember you must let me know you want to participate on the 100 Followers Celebration page.

Monkey Man said...
The more blogs you visit and comment on the more returns you get. Setting your sights high is a good thing Go for it and good luck with finals.
My Thoughts-This is an excellent point. I have found the more I do to support others the natural consequence is to get support back.

Josh - I'm fascinated by the profiles you offer and can definitely see how understanding each one would make for deeper, better character portrayals. I do believe an MC could be a narcissist as long as he/she possesses other stellar characteristics. It would be a balancing act, but would definitely make for a colorful protagonist.
 My Thoughts- The balancing act is so important when creating our characters. We need them to be authentic in the world we create.

Brian Miller said...
ok def nightmares on the of these books sound intriguing...for me the janitor one most def...janitors were always kinda mysterious...and the peppermint dust they used to clean the puke up...
My Thoughts- This one just made me laughJ

Emily said...
I think everyone we meet has a chance to inspire us, either through being such a good example of who we want to be when we "grow up" or as an example of what to avoid because we see the pain and misery in their lives. For me, my family is the largest group who have given me strength to overcome challenges. I've have been really lucky in that regard. There are also countless people who I have come in contact with either through the writing or religious communities that offer great support.
My Thoughts- I agree with this completely. We are influenced by everyone we come in contact with to some degree.  The opposite is also true we influence everyone we come in contact with to some degree, whether to become better people or worse.

Pam Torres said...
Whew! Do I feel psycho-analytical. I think it would be useful to have these schema descriptions on 3x5 cards and mix and match them when creating a character...mmm. Is it bad that I kept seeing my ex-husband in some of those...HeeHee...
My Thoughts- What a great tip on how to keep all the schemas organized and at our fingertips.

Lucy Adams said...
I know a woman who smiles no matter what she says. When she's being critical she smiles. When she's being complimentary, she smiles. When she talks about something that makes her angry or frustrates her, she smiles.

She's an incredibly difficult person to interact with, especially when her emotions are ambiguous. She makes it likely that the other person will always say the wrong thing.

Oh, did I mention she's easily insulted?

She would make a great character in a book.

My Thoughts- Pearls would go to town on this person. This is a great example of a person using their body language to try and cover up their true emotions.

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  1. have fun on your 100 follower contest.

    bless your blogging career.
    Happy Saturday.

  2. You are almost there! This is DRAMATIC!!!

  3. Only one more follower, almost... there...

  4. glad i could make you smile wishes on the 100 followers man!

  5. Josh, I became your 100th follow, yay, great to be on your blog, looking forward to looking around and reakding your posts. Stay blessed. Amanda

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog

  6. What a week of wonderful wisdom!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING YOUR 100!!! And, you've already surpassed it...Wow! I am not going to enter your giveaway as I am brand-spanking new here & it really wouldn't be fair to all your long time followers who've already seen you through thick and thin :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Some great quotes and insights. Congrats on 100+ followers! :O)

  9. Congrats Josh!! That is so exciting- i am totally jealous :) Maybe someday I will be cool like you! :)

  10. Hey Josh,
    congrats on 100 followers! It is a lot of fun meeting new people, isn't it? I love the variety of blogs I visit and the people are so unique and intriguing...
    Have a great evening!

  11. Thanks everyone for the support and kind words. Have a wonderful Sunday see ya Monday:)

  12. Congratulations on one hundred followers! And Monkey Man is right - you must first give.

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