Monday, April 4, 2011

Staying Motivated

Today’s post will be a little different because I want to look at the writer. I think that it is important, as writers, to keep ourselves healthy and motivated. One of the things that I find myself doing is expecting more than what I’m getting (the million dollar book deal, 10,000 followers and stuff like that J) and so I become unmotivated. You know what I’m talking about: the rejection letters, the critiques, all that fun and very important stuff.

The things that keep me motivated though are things like my critique group. I go to a critique group and a motivating group. My wife has been a great support in helping me stay motivated. All of you who read and post on my blog keep my hopes up. These things are very important but when it comes down to it, the thing that we all need to learn is self-motivation. We need to find ways to give ourselves confidence and to build ourselves up. The way I find to do this is by writing consistently so that I remember how fun it is to write. I also re-read my work and allow myself to just enjoy it, without looking for mistakes.

The following is something my eight year old son wrote to me,
            Dear, Joshua Hoyt

I loved your book Dad. I hope you make more books. Your book was so awesome.

                                                                        Love your son

Now if that doesn’t motivate me nothing will (:

What motivates you in your endeavors? What are your thoughts?


  1. I just remind myself that I don't write because I want to be published. I write because I like to write and being published is a bonus. Every time I finish a book or a certain number of stories I print them out and have them bound, the cheap spiral binding. This way I can actually look at all of the stories I've written and read through them occasionally to remind myself of what I can do. The writing groups help as well, especially when they are excited about my latest project.

    I think the letter from your son is cute.

  2. I think Emily has it right.It's about striving to live a writers life: writing everyday, observing the world like a writer, listening to the people around you, reading, and always working to get better at getting words on the page. [It doesn't hurt to have a few cheerleaders on the side.]

  3. That is so adoreable what tommy wrote! I especially love that he addressed you as "Joshua Hoyt" :)
    I am not a fancy long novel writer, but I have recently taken interest in making books for my little girl, she is already showing signs of being interested in the few childrens books we have, so it has been really fun and motivating for me to make some for her that will be fun and enagaging. My desires to be a better personm to be a better parent keeps me motivated :)

  4. Like you, I re-read my work for enjoyment. I write for fun.

    I love how I get that spark of an idea, and my mind pokes it and prods it and molds it into shape before I sit down at the keyboard. It's like having a secret that I don't want to share until the time is right.

    Or it could just be my thyroid medicine kicking in.

  5. I LOVE to read. I cannot write worth a darn, but I can sure read. So, I am the motivation for authors! People like me! Keep that motivation up, cuz I know I am NOT the only reader!

  6. I find it difficult to stay motivated at times. I would love if I had some positive reinforcement to keep me going, but right now it is trying to get away from a negative situation that keeps me going.

  7. Amy- I hope things get better and you find your motivation. I know it is so hard sometimes to find the motivation we need. Thanks for the thoughts.


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