Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Flash Fiction Piece

Here is my flash fiction for the start of the week I hope that you enjoy it. It will be continued to Friday so make sure you come back so you can read the exciting conclusion. I am also very excited to announce that my first guest flash fiction piece will be by Brian Miller. He is an amazing writer and I look forward to see what he has in store for us on Wednesday. I also have next week lined up with another amazing writer EA Younker. So be prepared to have some great stories coming your way. If you would like to be showcased on my blog let me know.

(Name Pending)
This wasn’t supposed to happen this way, the woman thought as she paced the floor like a restless tiger in a cage. Her legs ached after running the mile home at a full sprint, but she continued to pace, unaware of the scrapes and bruises. Why didn’t he show? She slammed her fist into the metal wall; blood formed on her knuckles and then dripped on the floor as her pace continued. Her short brown hair flew in a half circle in front of her blue eyes each time she turned, making the small room disappear for an instant.
She stopped, “Who are you?” her hand went immediately to the leather holster that hung at her side. Her shoulders sagged and she took a step back remembering that it was empty. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why didn’t you go back for it?
The man’s mouth turned up slightly at the tips as he looked at her side. “You shouldn’t have come. You should have left well enough alone.” His voice was deep like a bass drum.
She could see his muscles flex under his shirt and she knew that she could not overpower him, even with her strength mod. Her heart pounded in her chest and sweat dripped from her face.
The man stood in front of the open door like a giant bear, leaving no room to pass. There was a noise from the hall and he turned.
She dove for the bed and felt the hot burn of the laser as it singed her arm. Another burn formed on her leg before she was able to pull the knife from under her pillow and throw it at the man.
He stumbled as he tripped over a chair narrowly moving out of the way of the knife aimed for his head.
She threw the second knife hitting the man in the arm that held the pistol. Jumping to her feet she ran for the door.
The man grabbed her ankle just as she jumped over him and she crashed to the ground, the first knife’s handle jabbed her in her chest knocking the wind out of her. He climbed out from underneath and grabbed her hair pulling her up.
Turning she jabbed the knife into his gut and ran as he screamed in pain.
The last thing she heard as she ran down the hall was the man screaming, “You’ll never get him back.”
Tears ran down her face as she thought of the small boy who she once rocked to sleep each night in the master’s home.



  1. You have definitely piqued my interested. I can't wait for the conclusion.

  2. I kind of felt sorry for the guy. Knife to the gut is a horrible way to die!

  3. oh dang man...def want some more of this...just about done with mine and will send it tomorrow....


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