Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guest Author (Brian Miller)

I'm so excited to introduce our first guest author Brian Miller. He is an amazing poet and I love to read his poems on a daily basis. You got that right, he writes a new poem almost every day! He is also an amazing support to everyone around him, always taking the time to comment on blogs and giving excellent feedback. I hope that you will all give him a huge round of virtual applause with me.

Thank you for the opportunity to share here Josh. My name is Brian Miller. I blog at Waystationone ( and Dversepoets ( Waystationone is my personal blog where I write poetry of various forms as well as short story (both fiction and non) I have been blogging at the Waystation for not quite three and a half years.

Dversepoets is an online venue that I cofounded with Claudia Schoenfeld and several poet friends to create a space for poetry to be brought to the forefront. We opened the pub about eight months ago and regularly have hundreds of poets come through each week to showcase their work.

I have been published in a few collections and magazines. I had a book that included some of my poetry come out at Christmas and I am currently working on a large collection of both my poetry and short stories, which is currently in the editting stage. I have a much larger story that I have been tinkering with for a while that is eco-horror in genre. I don't post much of it at the Waystation but pseudo-horror is one of my favorite genres to write.

Below is a piece of flash that I wrote on a day when the words were just not coming.

Writing Life Writing Life


The page stares back into his heavy lidded eyes, bloodshot and burning, he forces a blink knowing the contest is unnecessary. Flexing his fingers, he feels tension release from within each joint, then brings them to his face, dragging them down from hairline to hollow cheeks. His tongue dampen his lips, as if he has something to say, but doesn't. A fly lands atop the typewriter, rubbing its front legs.

Taking a cotton cloth from the table top, he works his hands, removing ink and oil, paying close attention to the nails. Longer than he usually kept them, he wishes for a moment he had clippers nearby, contemplates retrieving them from the bathroom. This would mean crossing the room and he can barely feel his legs as it is, just little pin pricks of life along their length.

Stretching his legs under the desk, a small fire erupts in the muscles. It hurts, but feels so good. He smiles and retrieves a crumpled pack of cigarettes from one of the drawers that run along the right side of the desk. Shaking one loose he places it between his lips, where it dances. He inhales, even though it is not lit, savoring the smell of the tobacco as he centers on the fly on the typewriter.

The fly walks a small circle, now facing the page that still rests, pinched in the roller. He wonders if the fly is reading and if it likes what it sees. Kill it, a stray thought dances through his thoughts, but he dismisses it. The desire to touch it, to feel its wings, is almost overwhelming. The tobacco tastes sweet on his tongue.

Careful not to disturb the fly, he puts one hand on the roller knob and takes the top of the just completed page in the other and rolls it until released. The fly cares little, remaining where it is, as the man lays the freed page on an inch deep stack of its brethren.

The wall behind the typewriter is grimy with years of fingerprints and sweat of its occupants. Notes are etched in its surface, notes he has left himself among those of others, he left while typing, too busy to pause and find paper. Some he can read and understand, others are nearly intelligible, scrawled hastily in manic swirls.

 كلمات غير      מילים לא נעמרות Unausgesprochene worte
parole inespresse

Gouged deep in block letters he recognizes as his own, UNSPOKEN. Puckered edges bite his fingers as he traces each letter, he is sure, not for the first time. His eyes spasm wide, accompanied by a sharp intake of breath. The fly launches itself from the typewriter, turning a sharp corner over the man's shoulder disappearing from view.

Grabbing the stack of completed pages, he flips through, a river of white cascades to the floor where pages splash in various directions. Blank, how can they all be blank. A moan begins deep within him, the distant call of a train rising into a howl. Abruptly, he wrenches open the top drawer, removes a fresh sheet of paper and feverishly feeds it into the machine.


The fly lands on the crest of the man's ear, crawling to the point where it joins the rest of his head and begins rubbing its legs, which if the man could hear so minuscule a noise, would sound like chaotic laughter.


  1. This was a great story, Brian! A bit creepy...but a fun read!
    I love the new blog style, Josh.

  2. Wow. What a thought provoking story. Nice job.

  3. Yes Brian is definitely sick, but I will still give a virtual clap and the cat maybe a slap...haha.

  4. great interview and i remember the short story...was a magpie tale when my brain works correctly..and woohoo on working on the collection of poetry and short stories..this is awesome news!

  5. I have to second the motion about Brian...

    "He is also an amazing support to everyone around him, always taking the time to comment on blogs and giving excellent feedback.

    "I hope that you will all give him a huge round of virtual applause with me..."
    Will do!

    What a very interesting, vivid, and great re-read and write too!
    Tks,for sharing!
    deedee :-D

  6. This is a great story and thanks to all those who stopped by I hope to see you around.

  7. I remember this story too. Thanks for featuring Brian...he is one of my fav writer and blogger.

    And yahoo for writing and editing your poems and short stories. I do know that you write well in this genre ~

  8. Wow! This is lovely post. Your posting really appreciated.
    Great Job!

  9. As always, a captivating piece... I could almost taste that tobacco, feel the fly tickling my ear. And yes, Brian is a wonderful writer, great support...

  10. Brilliant, Brian! The stuff of nightmares for many of us, I fear! Love it - it is so real. ♥

  11. I love that I had no idea where that was going until it got there :-)

  12. now i want a cigarette!

    brian IS one of the most brilliant writers i've ever read and one of the kindest men! i think he encourages 90% or more of the poets in the blogosphere. but he is also a twisted individual! and i mean that in the best way possible. {smile}


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