Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blog Direction

I have been thinking that my followers may be interested in something different about my blog and so I have created a survey to see what you all prefer.
Choice 1: Continue as it is.
Choice 2: I had an idea to invite guest writers on to display a short flash fiction piece and to also write a little about themselves and their current WIP.
Choice 3: A little of both choice 1 and choice 2
Choice 4: Only write flash fiction stories of my own creation.
Choice 5: Other, want something else let me know.

Just make a selection in the survey to the side that is titled Blog Direction and let me know what you really feel :)
Have a great day!


  1. ok here you go...

    monday - your flash
    tuesday - psych of writing
    wednesday -guest flash
    thursday - psych of writing
    friday- your flash


  2. Brian, will you run for president? You are such a diplomat! I vote with Brian.

  3. I like it as it is! Of course, it never hurts to change things up a bit - maybe you could do something like Brian suggested.

  4. I love your blog as it is but I voted to include your flash too as I'd love to see what you do with fiction :-)

  5. I'm with everyone. Would love to see your flash fiction on here.

  6. I vote you do what you feel comfortable. If you feel like you should change things up, change them up. If you like what you have, keep it going. I know that isn't helpful but since you are the one posting you should make the choice.


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