Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Fire (Siege Part 3)

As the rail gun bullets continued their relentless bombardment on the Toraun battle cruise it became evident that Boschivo had a big problem. The battle cruiser swung around and released its own barrage on the land based rail gun. The rail gun’s own force field glistened as each of the laser weapons hit. Bits of tree started on fire and then started a blaze that would one day be known as the Great Fire of 2187. Now, this would mean that someone lived to write the history of the Great Fire of 2187 so I’ve given a vital hint into the story of Boschivo. You might think that this hint helps alleviate the immense stress that you are feeling right now and it may make you wonder at how the tension will continue without, but I guarantee that a twist is soon to happen. Well, wait, that probably wasn’t a good idea to let you know about the twist, but oh well.

Now, while this great battle raged close by the shack, Musaafir cowered in the corner with his hands cupped over his ears. Sarina, on the other hand, showed more courage and moved her sister, then closed the window. She moved over to Musaafir and stooped down next to him. This might be a good time to explain a couple of ways a person might deal with a person in shock. You could do the slap in the face to try and snap the individual out of it. Another way is to help the individual feel grounded and focus in on their sensations. The second way is a lot nicer and in the long run is going to help the individual better. It’s kind of the, teach a person to fish. Where as the first way is much quicker and hands the person the fish, but can cause a little damage.

The slap echoed off the walls and Musaafir instantly put his hand to his face. His hand felt cold on his face and he blinked several times until he saw Sarina raise her hand again. “I, I’m fine,” Musaafir whimpered as he raised his hands to defend himself.

Sarina’s eyes glowered as she stared down at Musaafir and she sputtered in rage, “He found us. We need to go. Now.”  Musaafir nodded and Sarina pulled him up by his armpits and pushed him to the computer. “Take us somewhere they can’t find us.”

Musaafir studied the blinking cursor. “Where, where can we go that they won’t find us?” He put his hands to the side of his head and pulled at the white hair. He dropped his hands in front of his face and turned his gaze to the wrinkled hands. “What have I done?”

Sarina’s footfalls fell behind him and brought him back to the pounding that sounded all around him. “Think. There has to be a way.”

The screen changed as Musaafir put his hands to the keyboard and typed in the user name and password. He smiled as the screen turned into the familiar sight of worlds in the universe. He zoomed in on another green planet and pressed the screen. “You better get Alex.”


  1. Sarina is my hero! She doesn't cower in the face of danger and she gets things DONE!!

  2. This is so descriptive! Glad I happened to look at your blog. Now, time to catch up on the rest of your story that I've missed so far!


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