Monday, September 14, 2015

Back To The Shack (Toraun Part 16)

As the howl pierced Musaafir’s eardrums he took the opportunity to stop and think of what he had just done. There were so many possibilities of what would happen to the women as they exploded from their existence into his existence. They could just as easily be blasted to tiny little space particles as they could be turned back in age as Musaafir did each time he went to a new place. Now this just wouldn’t be fun at all having to take care of two toddlers or even worse two infants. What if they were just blubbery, tiny, balls of flesh with eyes nose and mouths? Or ….

Now as you might imagine the time it takes for Musaafir to go from one place to the next is very short; in fact it was so short he really didn’t have a chance to finish his thoughts before the three, yes three. I mean let’s think about this for just a second. If only Musaafir made it back then that wouldn’t make for that great of a story at all. Well, I suppose it would tie up some loose ends and we could just move onto something new and exciting on yet another planet, but really what would be the point of that. I mean here I spend pages and hours of time talking about two young ladies and then go and kill them… I mean… well maybe… I mean no. No. No. that won’t do at all and so…

The three humans crashed into Musaafir’s small cabin all in a heap and instantly Sarina jumped to her feet with her sword drawn. She examined the room and rested her eyes on the flashing cursor on the monitor sitting on top of Musaafir’s desk. Now if you are just joining us or have forgotten the stool that once stood in front of that monitor no longer exists because… No I won’t tell you why you should go back and read the first story so that you can really get to know Musaafir better. And while we’re talking about it I would just like to mention the second prompt in the blogging challenge which is why did you begin writing. It’s really quite a fascinating tale. I was going to school to be a school psychologist and as I struggled to feed my starving family I got the idea that I should just write a novel and then I’d be able to feed my family. There you have it. That’s all that’s to it. I wanted to feed my poor starving children. So go out and support me so they don’t starve and buy all my books on I mean seriously it would only cost you around $10.00 to buy all of my books. So you go without coffee for a couple of days boohoo… I mean really, they are good books and yes, get your drinks of choice while you’re at it.

A groan came from under Musaafir and before he could react Sarina yanked him off of Alex and threw him back like he weighed nothing more than a rag doll. She knelt down next to Alex and held her head up softly. “Water,” Alex whispered.

Sarina turned to Musaafir and really looked at him for the first time since they arrived in the shack. The shock on her face would have made the captain on the Titanic look like he had hit nothing more than a large chunk of ice. Oh wait that’s what he did hit and really is that an appropriate comparison. Oh well, read with caution and “No Offense.” You no that really is crazy how we can say some pretty offensive things just by saying “No offense, but…”

Musaafir smiled slightly to help show some of the charm he must have had when he had visited the girl’s homeland and said, “There’s some water over there.” Musaafir pointed to a tap and nodded. He climbed to his feet, the aches returned and he walked to the sink with a hand on his back. “It’s a hard thing coming home after one of my adventures and having to put on this old body once again, but it beats being killed by a steam hound.” 

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  1. Great story! I'm really glad you continued to write the story!


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