Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Possible Love Interest (Toraun Part 5)

Now, the knocker that young/old encountered on the first house he came to in the small village, looked nothing like the picture of yesterday’s post. That truly would have been a bad omen, and I think even old/young man would have gotten that one…maybe. No the silver knocker did not have any of those features at all. The gold, turkey…
 Well it is Thanksgiving. No not in Toraun, of course not there. You see Thanksgiving is a holiday in the United States. I know because I referenced Wikipidea, and it knows everything! By the way here are some fun facts about Thanksgiving Check them out they are fun.
…seemed peculiar to the young/old man, but after the above clarification it made perfect sense to him (not really). He reached for the knocker and just then the door opened. He jumped back in surprise completely caught off guard by what he saw. The woman in front of him stood about five feet-seven inches tall and had long, white hair that fell to her waist. Small pointy ears adorned with many gold earrings poked out from under her hair. Her eyes sparkled from the moon light behind young/old man and brought out the purple in them. Her high cheekbones and sharp chin made her face look as if it had been chiseled from marble. Her lips full and nose small. Intricately designed tattoos formed a sun in between her eyebrows and curved and twisted around her face and pulled her carved features out. Her head sat upon a perfectly formed body.  He stepped back again to get a fuller view of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.
Possible love interest. Not sure because I really don’t think this through as I write, but who knows. Interesting….Hmm that would be interesting, because clearly he is older in one sense but in the other he is probably more the age of the woman. On one hand he could be already married in his old form, but if he was, would that really matter since the young form clearly isn’t. This really is a conundrum. What if he isn’t married as old self? Then that would make the moral issue better, but then think of this beautiful, young woman hanging on the arm of an old man. Now when I say old I mean he’s old! O well I guess we’ll figure it out together... that is if anyone ever reads this. I mean seriously one comment! By the way I really appreciate Christine Rains, and she has some truly amazing books check her site out and of course buy her books (hint comment and you get mentioned in the story. Try it out). Wow I really get off subject. It must be the holiday.
So, back to the story. (I think I’ll emphasis the young part for a bit. I mean wouldn’t you if you had just met the love of your life). Young man closed his mouth quickly and wiped the drool from his chin even quicker. “Hello,” the beauty said. Her voice drifted through the young man’s mind like honey making his knees quake and his heart beat faster. She tried a new tactic as she recognized that this young man had been utterly smitten by her. She put her finger to her chin and tapped it. Her eyes brightened and she said, “My name’s Alex.” When young man still did not respond she tapped her chin again. Her eyes no longer twinkled but glowered and she put her hands on her hips. You see she did not understand the power her beauty had on others, since she had lived in the small village all of her life and the village had not had a visitor for millennium. Her hands on her waist was a mistake, because it only extenuated her curvy hips. The young man’s mouth dropped open again. “Seriously, sir. You must be daft.”

This statement snapped the young man out of his daze as he realized he had made a serious blunder in his first impression tactics. Now, sure it would be important to show a casual interest in the opposite sex the first time you meet them and to even possibly notice a feature that you like about that person and comment on it as well. But, to openly gawk. Now that is just stupid. He closed his mouth then opened and closed it several times before he finally spoke, “Hi.” Now this hi came out relatively well considering the circumstances. It wasn’t a Fabio “hi” by any means but it definitely wasn’t a Sheldon “hi.” “My name’s ….” 

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