Monday, November 24, 2014

Hands (Toraun Part2)

His hands were the things that always shocked him the most. Before the change or transportation, the old man really didn't know which, his hands looked gnarled and broken. They barely responded to him when he told them to bend and move. The pain, whenever it rained, felt like tiny needles that pricked deep through his skin and found the ends of his nerves. The needles seemed to know just how to press the utmost amount of pain and anguish that kept him from his sleep at night. The wrinkled skin stretched like bubble gum only to return to its rightful place several minutes later.

Now, he smiled as he admired the young hands, the hands felt like he had the control to either hold the hand of an infant to the ability to crush a man’s fist. The skin no longer had the age spots, but looked like the color of molasses. The skin felt flexible and when he bent his fingers it just moved with them, like it should. He grinned like a young school boy getting his very first kiss as he watched his hands bend and flex effortlessly.

The screech that echoed through the trees, pierced the old, or I mean young…well…

This brings up an interesting point that I think needs a little explaining. The old man or young man…. Wait a second this is getting difficult to explain so let’s just assume that the old man before the light never really understood whether he went back in age after the flash or if he just possessed someone else’s body in another time and place. He always felt a sort of out of body experience after the flash, but he really couldn’t tell if that happened due to the extreme change in age or if it occurred because he truly did enter the body of another person. Anyway back to the screech…

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