Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why read this blog?

As I have said before I have written a book based on my posts in this blog and have sent it out to a few readers. One reader got back to me and made an important point. She asked the question why should I read your book? She was emphasizing that in the opening chapter I need to do some more self promoting. If I am going to write a book about characterization it had better help make the person reading it better at writing their characters and I need to be able to say how it will.

In my own mind I think that by understanding psychology I can understand the situations that my characters will find themselves in. It also helps when I am creating the story to understand how far I can push my character and make the reactions of my characters more believable. Using the knowledge that I have written about on my blog has also helped me understand the importance of making a character that is based off of real life human behavior that has been seen and experimented with.

I hope that you will all take a moment (if you have found my blog to be helpful) and let me know how this blog has helped your characterization. Answer the question why would it be important to read a book that uses psychology to better understand characterization? I appreciate the continued support and look forward to reading your in depth responses :)


  1. i think overall as you think through the psychology aspect it allows you to add depth to your characters and make them more really and relatable...

  2. I like reading about studies--the specifics of how psychologists test things is fascinating, and I think that concreteness can translate into concrete situations that show character psychology as well. Does that make sense? I have a cold, so I hope that makes sense!

  3. I like the different ways you make me look at my characters. Sometimes I can get tunnel vision and I need to flesh out a character. The studies and all the wonderful psychological bits you talk about help me think in ways I wouldn't otherwise.

  4. I agree with Brian. Psychology adds depth. Good luck with your book!


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