Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rorschach inkblot tests

The Rorschach inkblot test is when a subject looks at some pictures made by inkblots and the answers to what the person interprets the inkblots to be is evaluated. It is more than just what the person says the inkblot is but how long it takes for the person to respond and how the person sees movement and color as well. According to Rorschach by having a person look at a random picture and then interpret it weakens the defense mechanisms that the person has built up and the persons unconsciousness is allowed to come out. This in turn allows the psychologist to see into the inner workings of the person.

When we are viewing and seeing things we will perceive them differently than other people do. This is due to our own unconscious thoughts, experiences, beliefs etc... Our characters will work the same way in that they will perceive an object differently than another character in our book. Further, our characters will perceive a situation differently than other characters in our book.

This takes me to another discussion that I had with a co-worker the other day. We were discussing politics and discrimination (you know usual work discussion). It was interesting how a certain situation was seen for one group of people but not for another group. It was easy to observe the faults in one group but not in the other group. This is because of the unconscious and experiences had.

This can easily be tied back to our characters as well. Our characters are fighting for something; they are trying to win the fight/conflict. Occasionally our characters get blinders on and can't see what is happening all around them. This is good because this is what happens in real life. Sometimes our characters weaknesses are there strengths. In other words because the character is so focused on winning the conflict they may not see other options that are just as good and by doing this they may alienate those around them.

The way we perceive an event, experience, object etc. says a lot about who we are.


  1. It would be interesting to do an inkblot test...
    I agree, we are all in our little "world" of how things are and sometimes we need a smack in the face to see reality.

  2. How could you do a post on rorschach ink blots and not go into the character Rorshach in the Watchmen? tsk tsk.

    1. definitely....agree on the strengths and weaknesses part...did you ever read any marcus buckingham...his first 2 books were great...i think the rest are bunk but...and def on perceptions and preconcieved notions and how they color our decision making...

  3. I've always wanted to take one of those tests, but I'm a bit fearful of what it might reveal.

  4. I always think of the MTV show Daria.

    "In the pilot episode of Daria, she is given a test on her first day of school where she's shown a picture of two people and asked what they're discussing. First she tells the school psychologist that she sees "A herd of beautiful ponies, running across the plains." Then she says that the two people are discussing "A herd of beautiful ponies running across the plains." " (TV Tropes)

  5. I am with Sarah. I have always been curious, but a little afraid of the results. Can you show us some?


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