Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just got home from a great writers conference in Salt Lake City. I recently joined League of Utah writers and they have an annual conference. This was the first year that I attended and I learned a lot about writing and my fellow writers. It is amazing how wonderful writers are even though they are in a very competitive field they are still helping each other succeed.
This blog will be about the many things that I learn along the way to becoming a better writer. I hope that it will be useful to other writers and will encourage them to find and accomplish their dreams. All of the keynote speakers, Cherie Call, John Gilstrap, and Anita Stansfield, talked about the importance of persevering for our dreams. It was very inspirational for all of us especially as we receive the many rejection letters (:

Their was also a pre-conference workshop by Precision Editing group. They did an outstanding job of giving me many pointers into becoming a better writer. I hope over the next few weeks to talk about many of these things.

The last comment I would like to make at this time is the importance of support while undergoing this business of writing. I have received so much support from my beautiful wife who has both inspired encouraged and prodded to continue on through the discouraging times. I would also like to mention my wonderful children who are willing to give their daddy up while he writes and works on his book. They have helped me in many ways. I would also like to talk about the support I have received from the cache valley chapter. They have edited and supported me and have been my friend. I encourage all writers both new and old to find a strong support to help them endure the winds of doubt, discouragement and success.


  1. So glad the workshop was useful for you! I wish I could have attended the rest of Round-up. Next year, I hope!

  2. I am excited about all the new information you have received and learned!! It's been a fun journey and I'm excited for the rest of it!


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