Monday, July 7, 2014

Order of The Rose: Black Petal Contest!!!

Order of The Rose: Black Petal Contest!!!

In honor of the recent release of the sequel to Order of The Rose: Forsaken Petal I’m having a contest to help promote Order of The Rose: Black Petal. I look forward to all of your support and feedback on both of the books. Also, I look forward to starting book 3, Order of the Rose: White Petal! I plan on starting it within the week after a few housekeeping jobs that need to be completed.

How long does the contest last for?

The contest starts today and will end on July 14, 2014 at 10:00 Mountain time.

So what’s up for grabs!!

I decided I would increase the incentive depending on the response that I get from the contest so here is how it works:

The prize will start off with a $25 gift card to For every 50 responders to the contest the prize will go up by $25 to a maximum prize of $100. So if I get 50 participants to the contest the reward will be $50 gift card to If there are over 150 participants the prize will be a $100 gift card to So when getting your entries it will be a good idea to promote the contest as well!!

How to get entries into the contest:

There are several ways to get entries and you can earn as many as you like from the entries.

Share a link about either Order of The Rose books on Facebook, Twitter, Google or any other social media platform will earn you 1 entry per location per day.

Example of a share:

Check out this totally awesome amazing Young Adult fantasy series called Order of The Rose. You can see reviews and purchase on by clicking here for book one, Forsaken Petal, or here for book two, Black Petal. Also check out the Contest here to have a chance to win up to $100 Amazon gift card.

The links are embedded making it easier to share J

So if I shared this on Google, twitter, and Facebook for every day of the contest I would have 21 entries. 3 social platforms shared over the 7 days of the contest = 21.

Write a Review for either Order of The Rose: Forsaken Petal or Black Petal will earn you 10 entries for either book on Follow this link for Forsaken Petal review and this link for Black Petal review.
So you can get a total of 20 entries for completing this portion.
An exception to this would be those who have already done a review. Those who have already written a review will get 5 bonus entries for your review for getting it done early and to show my appreciation for your review!! You still need to give me a heads up that you’ve already written a review though.

Sign up on my email list to here when the next book is released by clicking here will earn you 5 entries. I will only use your email to send you book releases and nothing else.

So a person has a chance of getting a total of 46 entries into the contest and remember the more participants, the more money the gift card will be, so share the contest out as well!!



  1. I subscirbed to your mailing list.

  2. Can you only buy Black Petal as kindal right now! I didn't see the book on amazon.

    1. Yes use the link above. I tried it and it worked.

  3. Thanks Mandi. Yes you can buy it at I tested the link above and it worked.

  4. I posted on facebook and google+ today. Should also get a tweet in as well.

  5. Sent a tweet on Chris's account.

  6. When will you have a hard copy of book two available?

    1. Not sure actually i don't sell many hard copies. Haven't planned on it yet:-)

  7. Booyah, all 3 again for me today!

  8. I signed up for the email newsletter (Andrea)

  9. I'm 100% on all three entries as of today! Yes.

  10. Well I didn't review the books yet, but I posted in all three places everyday! Hope that helps you out. I promise to write you a fantastic review as soon as I finish the books.

  11. The winners in!!! Thanks everyone for all of the support!
    And the winner is ----- Mandi Allen!!!!
    Way to go Mandi!
    I'm out of town until Monday next week so I'll get with you by then to get you your reward.

    Thanks again!

    Be looking for another contest coming soon!


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