Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giveaway and Picture

The day is almost over and I wanted to remind everyone about the giveaway that will be happening this Saturday. So far there have been very few who have signed up. If you want to participate now is the time to do so. Look on the giveaway page for details. Remember this is a giveaway for $40 software!!

The other part of this post my family and I went up into the hills and took family pictures today. It was amazing and we had a lot of fun. I had my wife take a couple of pictures of me so I could update my picture. Let me know if you have a favorite :) They are below. I hope everyone else is enjoying the beautiful fall weather and colors.


  1. I love them all! But the middle is my favorite!

  2. I like the middle picture best, but I think the bottom one would be best if you're updating your online picture.

  3. I think I like the bottom one personally :) But they all look great!


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