Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

As tomorrow will be Father's Day and I am a father and have a father I wanted to dedicate this post to all of you wonderful father's. Have a great day enjoy it to the fullest and most importantly take some time to reflect on why this day is even possible. 1. Because you have a father who hopefully has cared for you and provided for you and 2. You are a father remember those wonderful children who have made you one. Reflect on what has been good and what could be better.
Any way enough of the cheesiness but truly I am so grateful to be a father I love my sons and daughters so much. It is the thing that means the most to me and the one thing that I truly want to succeed at more than anything else. If it meant giving up that book deal of a lifetime I would give it up in order to succeed at being a good father.
Thanks to my own father who has set such a good example for me and for even though he made mistakes was able to a wonderful job being there for me and helping me through hard times in the pas and now. He has always encouraged me to believe in myself and the world around me. To have hope when it seems there is nothing left to hope for. Thank you Dad. I love you.


  1. Wonderful tribute to your Dad and inspiring observations on being a father yourself...hope you both have a happy and memorable day, Josh!

  2. nice. hope you have a great fathers day josh!

  3. What a nice tribute! Happy Father's Day to you and to yours!

  4. I didn't know my father he passed away when I was three years of age, I missed hime walking me down the aisle on my wedding day and to see the three children I brought into the world.

    They had a wonderful father who would do anything for them, soccer practice, dancing shows and so on, he passed away 2months after our first grandchild was born and 2 months after my mother.
    The two men in my life, one I didn't know and the other I loved so much had two things in common they both loved me and both had the same birthdate, Happy father's day to my dad and on behalf of my three happy birthday to their dad.

  5. A VERY nice post, Josh.

    Happy Father's Day to you, as well as your Dad!!!


  6. You are the best dad a kid could hope for. You do such a wonderful job in teaching them and loving them. I love you!! Happy Father's day to all the dad's!


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