Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Curious

What makes a good blog? What blogs do you follow and what keeps you interested? Leave some feedback and blog sites that you enjoy.


  1. Plainly put I like blogs that keep my interest. I don't care if I know the people or not, if it's interesting, I will read. I have stumbled across some blogs that I try to keep up on. With life being a little busy and crazy lately, I don't read as often as I used to, but here are some of my favorites. and
    As well, I enjoy this one! But that is a given!

  2. I like blogs that give me something about the person, something that I might take into my life, my writing, etc. and blogs that are just funny.

  3. I avoid blogs that are depressing. They don't have to be drop dead funny, although that doesn't hurt, but life is stressful enough without other people adding to it. I also like blogs that I can either relate to or that are completely different from life as I know it--I found a few blogs by atheist/pagan people on the East coast. It's really interesting to see how they view life and our commonalities. (if that isn't a word, I hereby declare it to be one)


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